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viva la homestuck
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your name is tthe13th you are a massive nerd and you are well aware of it. you have short black hair and dark green eyes, your 5'7 and have almost no tits the fact you frequently wear over sized male hoodies does not help your lack of chest. the magority of your time is spent sleeping and ignoring your family, but sometimes when you get near a computer long enough to do anything more then check the emails you never get you will draw stuff. most of the things you draw are homestuck or some form of oc you have for god knows what because theres just to meany ocs for to meany things to even keep track of so you dont even try. you say you will do lots of things but because your computer has been broken for almost half a year most of the things yo say you will do have turned into month long projects then get canceled because you are an incompetent fucktard. you draw alot of stand alone art because you suck at back grounds and floor shadow placement, your art style varys greatly debending what your doing. you cannot draw dresses you male hips to save your life and your eyes always seem to be to big or look lazy. because you do not have a computer you use muro as your base tool for drawing not that you ever used anything else even when you had a computer, muro is a diffecult program not because its hard to use but because it likes to be a little cunt and glitch out in the middle of your drawings and delete good art and it pisses you off so you quit trying on what every you were trying to do. when not surfing the internet on your phone sometimes you can be found doing actual drawings on paper or painting you have also been caught doing things such as cosplay. your cosplays consist of gamzee, mituna, tricksterkarkat, john, and meenah as well as a few closet or around town cosplays of humancaliborn and kankri. you attend a few cons a year all of which are in ohio because that is where you live, as for cons you have attended colossalcon twice, shinbokucon and matsuricon both once as well as zipcon you wish to go to far more in the coming future hopefully you can get a job so you will have money and get a car to. untill then you will be happy for what you can go to and be thankful for the awesome people you meet well at them. -tthe13th [if you know me irl please dont an if you do say nothing about it ever]


i might be petstuck by tthe13th
i might be petstuck
Made with deviantART muro

who knows i might be might not be oh well ahahahahahahhahah
angel cresil by tthe13th
angel cresil
Made with deviantART muro

angels first earth trip "dear god im lost amen"
make way oc stuff comin your way by tthe13th
make way oc stuff comin your way
Made with deviantART muro

i made a demon oc to go with my friends angel oc


cresil: my demon

ya theres a bunch of other fuckin doodles to come after this 
yes ok yeah so ill have something legit to post tomarrow *hopefully tomarrow...* yes full colour fantroll drawing yes something ahah yes not a stand alone this time its got a background omg yes i think im more excited then any one else lmao *send help*

6:03 [18 hours till my birthday ew....]

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